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Captain's Report: Our first Pride Golf Day with American Golf is a hit!

Pine Ridge Report

Our first event with our new sponsor, American Golf, took place at Pine Ridge, Surrey. 

The event was an exciting partnership for both parties and thank you American Golf for the donated prizes.

We had amazing weather on the day which started with Bacon Rolls, Coffee and goody bags from American Golf for each player

The round was played along with match-play pairs, for some great prizes. 

Again, we had some new players join us who had travelled quite a distance. 

Welcome, Mark from Leeds and, Paul from Scotland. Always great to see new faces.

The results!

1st   Peter Heather  40 points 

2nd  Yvonne Hollis  38 points   Wentworth

3rd  Dean Jacobson  37 points 

Nearest Pin     James Dean

Nearest Pin in 2    Stephanie Fuller

Longest Drive   Yvonne Hollis

Twos   Peter Heather, Andrew Graves, James Dean and Dave Howden

Match Play Matches:

Yvonne Hollis v Adrian Trett - Yvonne won 2 and 1

Stephanie Fuller v Robert Camilleri - Robert won 4 and 3

Ivaylo Botyov Nikolov v Tom Lucas - Ivaylo won 2up

Peter Heather v Johnny Jiang - Peter won 4 and 2

Well played everyone and thank you all for attending. 

There was a great buzz between us, and I do hope to see as many at the next event on July 14 at Mill Green Golf Club. Details here

With your continued support and enthusiasm, I am confident this will be a great partnership with American Golf. 

Once again, a big thank you for the donated prizes.

Yvonne Hollis

Out2golf Captain

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